Our Approach to Sustainable Products & Shipping Vertical Horizon Hydroponics

Our Approach to Sustainable Products & Shipping

"To help growers to understand and benefit from the hydroponic revolution."

This is our mission because we want to help reduce the amount of water used for growing our food.  We believe that our use of safe, recycled, recyclable plastic is an excellent use of the material and is actually a very good trade for the environmental benefits offered. 

It would be rather odd if we therefore weren't committed to reducing our environmental impact in other ways, such as offering the most  power-efficient systems available and  encouraging the use of timer plugs to further reduce electricity usage.  We also pay very close attention to eco-packaging and shipping materials.  That's why we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our use of plastic.  

One way we have minimised plastic use is by using alternative materials for packaging. For example, your accessories kit that comes with every tower will come in a re-usable Vertical Horizon canvas bag. 

We use a variety of bespoke cardboard boxes that minimise both the volume of shipping space to a minimum, and also the chance of breakages, that would result in further shipments.  Our nutrients range is exceptionally high quality, and we have taken the decision to package this in pouches to minimise the use of plastic and size for postage.

Instead of using plastic bubble wrap to protect fragile items during shipping, we  like to use recycled paper.  If any bubble-wrap or other plastic packaging is used in the shipment of your tower, we promise that this will almost always be recycled from our supply chain.  We encourage everyone in the re-use of our boxes and packaging materials.  We would also love you to use your new canvas bag as you head out and about!  

We know that most people like to receive their items as fast as possible, and we love to exceed your expectations on this.  If, however, you are not in a hurry, and would prefer us to send it at a slightly slower, lower-carbon service, please send us a note with your order.  We will probably throw a little something extra in the box to reward this! 

We are always looking to do more, so please use our contact form to send us your further ideas!

Thank-you for reading this one!

Rupert, Founder of Vertical Horizon Hydroponics Ltd

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