Sustainable & Affordable, Domestic & Commercial Hydroponic Systems

Handmade in Bath, UK, from premium recycled materials that are fully recyclable. Our systems save thousands of litres of water over their lifetime, enabling growers to produce many times the quantity of better quality, healthier food, in less space and time. We even include natural/organic/vegan nutrient feeds!

Founded in 2022, our customers already include gardeners, urban farms, restaurants, commercial growers, global blue-chip corporations and a top-tier London retailer for high-impact, ecological and edible displays!

  • Fortnum & Mason, Piccadilly, London

  • UBS Bank's Headquarters, London

  • Price Waterhouse Coopers Global Headquarters, London

  • What Can I Expect?

    Twice the yield, in half the time, in 1/10th of the space, with only 5% of the water! Yes, this is really what hydroponics can do, and is why we want to enable people to join increasing numbers of commercial growers in joining the hydroponic revolution. You can even grow inside to enjoy homegrown, fresh produce all year round.

  • How Does it Work?

    Roots have four main jobs. They provide stability for the plant, whilst seeking out water, nutrients and oxygen. Within the hydroponic system the tower provides stability, while the water, enriched with nutrients is delivered directly to the roots. This saves the roots from pushing through the soil, allowing the plant to concentrate more energy towards foliage, flora and fruiting, increasing yields. Because the roots can more freely access the air, they are able to support these higher yields.

  • Our Aim

    Beautiful and efficient living sculptures that are responsibly sourced, made and sold, that will have a meaningful and positive environmental impact over their lifetime. 95% water savings allow gardeners to save money and help ensure enough fresh water for everyone.

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Why a Vertical Horizon?

Having previously carved the Grand Canyon, the mighty Colorado River has only flowed into the Pacific once in the last thirty years. This is becoming the global trend, with 70% of the world's fresh water usage being for farming. Hydroponics uses less than 5% of the water, when compared to soil-based growing, and is rapidly being adopted by commercial farmers. By creating the first truly affordable, complete hydroponic system, Vertical Horizon is helping gardeners ensure that they can save money, increase their yields and do their bit for the environment. Our systems are so compact that they can even be placed indoors by a window for all-year-round growing.  Together we can turn the horizon vertical and ensure enough water and food for all!

Rupert - Founder, Vertical Horizon Hydroponics Ltd

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