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Vertical Horizon Hydroponics

Hydroponic Flower, Foliage & Fruits Booster Vegan/Organic/Natural Nutrients (3 sizes, Free Postage)

Hydroponic Flower, Foliage & Fruits Booster Vegan/Organic/Natural Nutrients (3 sizes, Free Postage)

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We have taken our time and talked to many suppliers before offering hydroponic nutrients for sale.  After testing many solutions, we are confident that we have sourced the best possible feed for our towers, and we think you will agree.  Our priorities were:

 - High quality, organically-derived plant-material base and fully natural minerals

- UK-made, with UK-sourced ingredients

- No artificial additives, everything food-grade and pharmaceutical grade

- Nothing nasty, no guano, no dung, no fish scales, as usually found in organic-based feeds

- All compounds fully dissolved, so as not to clog or gloop up the system

- Long history of supply to commercial food growers of UK supermarkets

- The most stable composition, to minimise frequency of water changes, reduce maintenance and minimise risk of disease


Vertical Horizon Hydroponic Nutrients
Flowering & Fruiting Booster (100ml)

High quality, all natural supplementary feed to increase both flowering sites and size of fruits. Containing natural plant extract hormones, for significantly increased yields. Can be used alongside any base nutrient from 3rd week of flowering.
This should not be used if younger plants are present in the system, for that please see our Root Booster product.

To be added in addition to base feed Parts A & B during flowering and fruiting stages of growth. Not to be used
when plants of less than 7 weeks are present in the system.

To be applied in the following dosage:
From week 9 (or week 3 of flowering): Use 0.25ml per litre.
From week 11 (or week 7 of flowering): Use 0.5ml per litre.

NPK: 0-13-14

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