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Vertical Horizon Hydroponics

Seed-starter kit with 60+ seeds, propagator & Rockwool

Seed-starter kit with 60+ seeds, propagator & Rockwool

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This set includes:

Propagator with water tray and lid
12 1-inch rockwool cubes
25 Little Gem lettuce seeds
25 Lollo Rossa lettuce seeds
5 Red Tumbling Tom tomato seeds
5 Yellow Tumbling Tom tomato seeds
(We try to be a little generous when filling the seed envelopes!)
The propagator can be used many times, using the seeds in the kit and also be topped up with further seeds and rockwool cube refill packs also in the store.

The idea is that you feed the propagator, the propagator feeds the tower, and the tower feeds you!

Instructions for use:

Fill the water tray with 1cm of water and lower the cell tray into the water. Space the rockwool cubes throughout the water tray. (Rockwool is spun stone and not nasty glass fibre.) Your plant will stay in this cube and will be transferred to the tower later in this cube. It is an excellent media that supports the first roots and holds the correct mix of water and air that the roots need. The rockwool turns dark green when it is wet. This is how you can ensure that the propagator has not dried out during use. Place one seed onthe top of each cube and ensure that it is lying on its side to give maximum water-seed contact. (Scatter a few seeds if sowing a crop plant such as chives.) There is no need to push the seeds into the wool. With most seeds, doing this will increase the chance of seed rot. Once all cells have a seed on them, place the clear lid on the propagator and place on a warm, south-facing windowsill. First true leaves will appear in 3 days to a week for many seed varieties. Once there are leaves, open the vent to keep humidity up, but allow enough air to prevent rot. There are no nutrients in the Rockwool, and you should not add nutrients to the water unless you are holding back the seedlings for longer due to space in your tower. If that is the case, a couple of drops of feed in the tray will support growth beyond the nutrients held in the original seed. (Seeds contain all the nutrients they need to push out their first true leaves.) Once plants are getting close to lid, they can normally be transferred to the tower. The rockwool cube should not be removed from the plant, but is transferred with the plant to the tower. To transfer the plant to the tower, place a foam collar around the base of the stem and place the plant and collar in a net cup or use clay pebbles as pictured. For plants with small roots it is a good idea to place a few porous pebbles in the base of the net cup, as these will wick the falling water to the roots.

When filling the tower, every hole should be filled with a net cup and collar, regardless of whether a plant is in each hole. This will prevent light from entering the tower and therefore stop algae growing within the tower.


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