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Vertical Horizon Hydroponics

Vertical Hydroponic Tower Growing System 30 plant capacity

Vertical Hydroponic Tower Growing System 30 plant capacity

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Complete hydroponic system which has been handcrafted rather than 3D printed, for a more organic appearance and smoother water flow.  Available in 3 colours and with optional hessian skirt.

This is a handmade hydroponic aeroponic/drip system that uses no soil, only water with a small amount of nutrients added. This system has been created to give everyone a more affordable way in to hydroponics that gives great results.  The compact size and use of vertical space allows for all-year-round growing, even for those without gardens.  This tower can be placed in a greenhouse, conservatory or patio window, or beside a front door, on a balcony or even indoors by a window - Now everyone can grow amazing fruit, salads, herbs and vegetables with this system. (That's why NASA uses these techniques to grow food in space!)

The tower can be seen pictured next to an identical, planted tower, showing the results that can be achieved. You can see strong crops of tomatoes, strawberries, lettuce, rocket, peppers, raspberries and stevia  all thriving in a single tower, taking up less than 35cm X 35cm floor space! This compact size, and near silent running, gives great flexibility of positioning, even indoors, for all-year-round growing.

 Each hydroponic tower system holds 30 plants and comes with: 

  •   Water pump with power supply and water filter and distribution system (uses only 12 watts)
  •   33L reservoir food safe bucket
  •   Net cups, plant support pucks and a bag of pebbles to support roots of smaller plants
  •  100ml+100ml of fully natural/organic/vegan nutrients (2 months supply)
  •   NEW! - Seed-starter kit with 60 seeds, propagator and 54 Rockwool cubes
  •   Constructed using only UV stabilised materials with no phthalates or BPA
  •   Dimensions 150 x 36 x 36cm

To get up and running easily in hydroponics all that is needed is one tower system and some plants.  Cheat's tip: Instant results can be achieved at very low cost by buying supermarket living herbs and online plug plants and washing the soil off before planting in the tower.  

Using the timer, we run our towers 15 minutes per hour, only during daylight hours, to give plants resting time and give roots greater access to oxygen.

Full instructions for growing in the towers can be found at  Expertise is not required to get great results! 

Choice of 2 colours, Polar or Pistachio.

About Hydroponics:

Hydroponic systems use a pump to re-circulate water, nutrients and oxygen over the bare roots of each plant.  Growing crops this way uses only 5% of the water, takes up 1/10th of the space, and grow in 2/3 of the time with usually 30% higher yields.  (This works out as 4x yield!) There is also zero weeding, less pests, and no buying and carrying bags of soil, and less bending over!  It's also great for getting kids excited about growing their own food, as everything happens so much faster!  Given the high cost of fresh food, and the exceptionally low running cost of these systems, growers can expect savings to cover the initial purchase in a very low number of months.

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